Whether it’s a chilly winter morning or a sunny summer afternoon, a perfectly blended cup of coffee hits the right notes of warmth and cheer. And when you add Swiss quality and elegance, it takes the whole coffee-drinking experience to a wholly new level. This is what you get when you buy the classic Jura coffee maker – the fully automatic specialty espresso coffee machine that gives you the flavors of premium bespoke coffee.

The Jura is a user-friendly machine that offers the same versatility and quality that you will rarely find outside commercial grade coffee makers. It never was so easy to brew great espresso, latte and cappuccino – never mind if that pesky neighbor does drop in everyday for a cup. Anyone can brew good espresso, but a great cup of cappuccino takes more than just a milk frother or quality beans. Only a top end machine like the Jura can meet the challenge of making your coffee memorable.

How does the Jura coffee maker work?

Unlike other coffee makers that seem to confuse you by their complicated controls, the Jura is so easy to use, even a child could use it.  Just put the coffee beans in and watch it grind and brew your daily coffee fix in a matter of moments.  And you don’t have to bother about cleaning up – it can clean itself in less than a minute. You also get to choose from a variety of frothing options that add a special zing to your coffee every day. The Jura comes in a variety of casings – from black to stainless steel and many more – so that you can match it with your kitchen décor.

What makes the Jura coffee maker so special?

How good your coffee tastes is determined by how well each individual coffee bean is roasted. That delicious aroma and perfect taste can only be consistently achieved if your coffee machine is tuned to perfection. Each Jura coffee maker is crafted to Swiss precision, so that each bean is  perfectly roasted and brewed and you get the same amazing taste every time. With others you might need to have a separate grinder for the beans but not with Jura because it’s got a high quality grinder built into it. This way you save some space in an overcrowded kitchen and don’t have to spend anything on extras.

Why do millions of coffee lovers prefer Jura coffee maker?

Buying a Jura is a conscious decision to choose only the best coffee maker in the world. It also means that you

  • Prefer the unbeatable taste of freshly brewed beans
  • Can choose from a complete range of coffee beans
  • Can customize your own perfect blend of coffee with a one-touch operation
  • Would rather opt for an eco-friendly coffee maker that lasts twice as long as its counterpartsPrefer to invest in durability, quality, elegance and taste.
  • Are a discerning coffee lover who buys Jura because it also makes top-of-the-range commercial grade coffee machines too.

The Jura coffee maker isn’t just your regular machine; it’s a philosophy, a commitment to taste and quality.

The complete range of Jura coffee makers

IMPRESSA Z line includes Top end versions of your favorite coffee maker

IMPRESSA S line includes intelligent and intuitive coffee machines

  • IMPRESSA S9 One Touch

IMPRESSA J line includes coffee makers that blend of art and engineering


IMPRESSA F line includes interior design artifacts for making world class coffee

IMPRESSA C line shows how the best coffee is made

  • IMPRESSA C9 One Touch

ENA Line includes smart machines for making delicious coffee fast!

  • ENA 3
  • ENA 4
  • ENA 5

Available accessories for Jura home and office coffee machines include Clearyl water filters; Clearyl for ENA water filters; Claris water filters; Jura Capresso cleaning tablets; Jura Capresso cleaning tablets 6 Pack; Jura Capresso decalcifyer and Capresso Grand Aroma coffee.